We help you tell your story

Streamy.digital puts your streamed event
in your own visual context.
With your brand colours, your imagery and your look & feel.

Have your target group experience your event
as it should be experienced.

Light and stable.
No sign in needed.


Embedded stream from all large stream providers.
Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and all other.


Embed your interactive window directly on the platform. We recommend Menti.com for best experience. Any embeddable window works.

Open, but private

No cookies, no firewalls, no logins.
This is a totally open HTML site, which makes it accessible for all, regardless what firewall or device your audience is using. Just enter from any browser.
You will get a private link that is only for your audience.

Design it your way

Just provide us with your best images, your colors, logo and event description – and we will have you up and running within 48 hours (often faster).

How do you want to be experienced?

High tech? Down to earth? Sustainability first? As the stable market leader or the fast-moving challenger?

Let us know and we design your streamy.digital site in that way.

Contact & getting started

Send us an e-mail, and we will send you a PDF with the details of where to upload your material, pricing, options etc.

+46 730 606 801